State of Union

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Foreword Reviews' 2012
INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Winner

State of Union: Book Two of the God Head Trilogy is a near-future international action adventure dealing with nuclear terrorism, nano-viruses, mass effect, and the dawn of Artificial Intelligence.

The Enemy Lies Within…

After running for five years, Jake Travissi returns to civilization to find that a recent nano-virus epidemic has killed millions worldwide. Implanting a Personal Chip into the brain is the only cure. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Jake has been asked to kill his former LAPD colleague Joaquin Parks. Parks is now the head of a church accused of nuclear terrorist acts around the world. Meanwhile, the dawn of Artificial Intelligence and the promise of immortality could be just around the corner…

Foreword Reviews' 2012
INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Winner


Joseph Thompson - ForeWord Reviews

"One of the best cyberpunk novels of the millennium." Read more..

Joseph Thompson - Foreword Magazine
Antony Jones -

“Science Fiction as it should be.” Read more..

Daniel Kucan - author of the Full Contact series and star of A&E’s Sell This House Extreme

State of Union is like getting smashed in the face with a circuit board. It’s as paranoid as Philip K. Dick, but has the same tech head smarts as Neill Stephenson. This ferocious follow-up to State of Mind is faster, and easier to sink your teeth into.”


When I set out to write State of Mind as a screenplay in 2002, I did not have the trilogy in mind. I wanted to write a noir police story set in the near future that took place in Los Angeles. I wanted a femme fetal, and I wanted to play with the idea of perception and what is reality. As I wrote and rewrote drafts I continued to stay abreast of technology developments and changed my script accordingly. By 2005 I came across Ray Kurzweil’s theory of Singularity and thought the idea of blending human consciousness with an AI to be a scary proposition. His timeline for creating a self-aware intelligence blended in nicely with the timeline I had for my Personal Chip and I began to dream about the natural evolution of both worlds. By 2006 I wrote notes about the greater universe of State of Mind and what might happen. By 2007 I began to outline the sequels, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I drafted State of Union and State of Being as one long extension of State of Mind.

The first several drafts of the sequels were written as one book. By the time I reached my fourth draft I found a place to cut the book in two and State of Being and State of Union were born in 2011. At that point I concentrated on State of Union and left State of Being on the back burner until 2012.

Press Releases

1. Sven Michael Davison Announces the Second Novel in his   “God Head Trilogy”

2. Sven Michael Davison’s   “State of Union”   to be Published on October 30, 2012.