Welcome to the most narcissistic area of this website! This is where you can glimpse my past and tumble into the minutia of the mundane. While I do not consider this area to be representative of my current ability, I do think it’s fun to see where I’ve come from. If anything, this is a nice repository for my son and relatives to peruse SMD history.

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The Ice Cream Man

The Ice Cream Man

Life is filled with irony. This is by far the worst screenplay I ever wrote and yet it is the only one to have been produced.

David Dobkin and I became friends when we attended NYU film school. In 1992 we wrote a camp horror comedy called THE BAT CHILD based on a tabloid article by the same name. Stephen Hens, a mutual friend of ours, knew two porn producers who were dipping their toes into the horror film business. In early 1993, Stephen submitted BAT CHILD to their company. They appreciated the dark sense of humor, but felt that the plot– abused children taking revenge on their parents through a demon they conjure known as the Bat Child– was too grim for mainstream audiences. They asked if we had anything else and David came up with the tag line: “I scream, you scream, we all scream from the Ice Cream Man.” They loved it and asked when they could see a draft. David promised them one by week’s end.

I drove over to David’s place and we fleshed out the plot and characters. I was then left to crank out a first draft because he was already booked to direct a Tupac Shakur music video the next day. I called in sick to my day gig and didn’t sleep for about three days. On Friday, Stephen turned in my draft and the script was optioned. David stuck around to add dialogue to the next iteration but then split to direct. I was hired to write all subsequent drafts. We intended the script to be a camp comedy in the vein of TREMORS. However, the producers had very different tastes. One wanted a CIA conspiracy movie where the Ice Cream Man was a malfunctioning CIA sleeper assassin. The other producer envisioned a straight up gore horror flick. I wrote two separate versions to please each producer and in the end, the director (who was also the second producer) rewrote the script on the fly and changed about sixty percent of the screenplay.

The first day on set was very gratifying. I witnessed newspaper articles on the walls that I had detailed in the script. But with each subsequent set visit, I saw fewer and fewer familiar scenes and dialogue. When I drove to set for the last time, nothing was recognizable.

The final product falls short of my intentions and I tell people to rent the movie if they’re suffering from insomnia. The comedy is all but gone and the existing gags are mundane. I no longer talk with anyone involved in the picture except for Stephen. David and I gave him ten percent of our pay for brokering the deal. Our “success” in selling the story was blind luck.

On a side note, a clip from the film was shown at the MTV movie awards back in 1996.




In the spring of 2000, my good friend David Klawans called me about an article he had read on Associated Press about Henk Otte. Henk was an unemployed man from Amsterdam who had married a woman from Ghana, traveled to her hometown in Africa, and was elected a chief of the Ewe people. This was how the story was pitched to me, and when David bought the rights with Rob Aitro to Henk’s life story, I asked to be a part of the subsequent documentary.

As it turns out the real story was far more complicated than the original logline. For my part, I won the role of location soundman and I took a month off from work to travel to Holland and then Ghana to be a part of the film crew. I have a two-hundred page journal detailing my adventure, which I’d like to convert into a book some day. Rob and Sherman Lao (the film’s co-director) gave me permission back in 2000 to pursue this goal… hopefully they still feel the same way.

You can find photos from this time period under 7 in 7, “Unrelated Journey’s.” 

Original Music

I have never taken myself seriously when it comes to music and when I write lyrics, they tend to be silly or crass. I do not consider myself a musician, but I have had the privilege of working with some talented ones. During my childhood, my good friend and neighbor Dan Welch used to invite me over on Monday nights to collaborate on original tunes. The emphasis was always on having fun and keeping our sense of humor. We recorded and performed under the following names: The Love Pumps, and  The Ramblers.

While I attended Cherry Creek High School, we recorded ninety-one original songs. For the first three years, Dan always lead a performing band with students and friends from outside Cherry Creek. Dan was also our school’s first chair jazz musician by day One year his band won the Colorado State Battle of the Bands. For his senior year he wanted to win the Cherry Creek High School Battle of the Bands, but the rules stated that all musicians had to be currently enrolled students. In the fall of 1986, I auditioned and got to be the lead singer in his performing band and The Mongoloid Dudes were born.

A few weeks later, Dan invited Tim O’Shea, our new keyboardist, into the Monday collaboration sessions and our sound grew.

In the spring of 1987, we won first prize at the Cherry Creek Battle of the Bands. Our victory helped us to land paid gigs at parties, a club downtown called the Denver Turnverine, and an indoor amusement stop known as Funplex. We earned enough money to pay for studio time and we recorded an album of our best music, which we sold for a small profit, before we all headed off to college.

Here are some samples of our songs:

Tired Old Man (studio version) © Welch/Davison 7/30/1986
Dan Welch (Guitars), Tim O’Shea (Keyboards), Glen McGreggor (Bass), Kit Peltzel (Percussion), Brian VanWay (Sax), Brian Johnston (Trumpet), Sven Davison (Vocals)


Philodendron (studio version) © Welch/Davison 11/8/1986
Dan Welch (Guitars), Tim O’Shea (Keyboards + vocals), Glen McGreggor (Bass), Kit Peltzel (Percussion), Brian VanWay (Sax), Brian Johnston (Trumpet), Sven Davison (Vocals)


Monkey Woman (studio version) © Welch/Davison 10/1/1986
Dan Welch (Guitars), Tim O’Shea (Keyboards), Glen McGreggor (Bass), Kit Peltzel (Percussion), Brian VanWay (Sax), Sven Davison (Vocals)


Testosterone (studio version) © Welch/Davison 1/19/1987
Dan Welch (Guitars), Tim O’Shea (Keyboards), Glen McGreggor (Bass), Kit Peltzel (Percussion), Brian VanWay (Sax), Sven Davison (Vocals)


Bohemians on Acid (home recording) © Welch 11/15/1986
Dan Welch (Guitars)


Hot Tub Vice (look ma, we have a drum machine! OR Tangerine Dream Homage) © Welch/O’Shea 12/28/1986
Dan Welch (Guitars + Vocals), Tim O’Shea (Keyboards), Sven Davison (Drum Machine)


Train (home recording) © Welch/Davison 10/14/1986
Dan Welch (Guitars), Sven Davison (Vocals)


The Ballad of King John (home recording) © Welch/Davison 10/30/1986
Dan Welch (Dulcimer + Tambourine), Sven Davison (Vocals + Box)


AM Hit of the 70s (home recording) © Welch/Davison 6/1/1987
Dan Welch (Guitars + Drum Machine + Vocals), Tim O’Shea (Keyboards + Vocals), Sven Davison (Vocals)


Hands (home recording) © Welch/Davison 11/6/1986
Dan Welch (Guitars), Sven Davison (Vocals + Percussion + Noises)


Friends Forever (home recording) © Welch/O’Shea/Davison 9/24/1986
Dan Welch (Guitars + Vocals), Tim O’Shea (Piano + Vocals), Sven Davison (Vocals)


I enjoyed my high school musical experience so much that I sang karaoke at every opportunity. During my NYU years, I performed covers with Adam Morganstern and we formed a band called The Holly Ray Vaughns, which later turned into Wimpy the Shark. We recorded ten original songs and two covers. Here is a sample of Wimpy the Shark:

Hard Up © Morganstern/Davison 11/24/1988
Adam Morganstern (Guitars + Drum Machine), Sven Davison (Vocals)


Meanwhile at CU Boulder, Dan became friends with another music major named Pete Coggan. We began to collaborate between semesters when I was back home from NYU. We recorded another album under the band name Grandma’s Backdoor Men. We laid down tracks for five originals and three songs from earlier Mongoloid Dude tunes.

Here are samples from the Backdoor Men:

Do You Love Me? © Welch/Davison 4/6/1987
Dan Welch (Guitars + Vocals), Eric Thiel (Percussion), Pete Coggan (Bass + Vocals), Sven Davison (Vocals), Gina Consiglio (Vocals)


Whale Song © Davison 12/28/1990
Sven Davison (Vocals)


Wish You Looked Like Me (Donald Trump Song) © Coggan/Davison 9/16/1990
Pete Coggan (Guitars + Bass), Eric Thiel (Percussion), Sven Davison (Vocals)


Shabbes Goy © Welch/Coggan/Davison 10/11/1990
Dan Welch (Guitars + Electric Horns + Vocals), Pete Coggan (Bass), Sven Davison (Vocals)


This is Our Most Uncreative Song © Welch/Davison 5/25/1987
Dan Welch (Guitars), Eric Thiel (Percussion), Sven Davison (Vocals)


Earth Day Girl © Welch/Coggan/Davison 9/21/1990
Dan Welch (Guitars + Percussion + Keyboards), Pete Coggan (Guitars + Bass + Percussion), Eric Thiel (Percussion), Sven Davison (Vocals), CU Students (Back Up Vocals)


Sick and Tired of the Blues © Welch/Davison 1/25/1987
Dan Welch (Guitars), Sven Davison (Vocals)


In 1991 and 92, Pete and I collaborated when he lived in Malibu. I’d leave the living room of my Burbank apartment– which I shared with two other NYU grads (there were five of us total in the flat) to hang out at Pete’s place and make home made pizzas, watch STAR TREK, and record music. We called ourselves Xochopilli and laid down tracks for fourteen original songs.

Here’s are samples of Xochopilli:

Share this Cross With Me © Coggan/Davison 10/16/1991
Pete Coggan (Guitars), Eric Thiel (Percussion), Sven Davison (Vocals)


Defeat the Fear Within © Coggan/Davison 7/15/1991
Pete Coggan (Guitars), Eric Thiel (Percussion), Brian Knot (Bass), Sven Davison (Vocals)


After downsizing and moving the family to Carlsbad California in 2015, I reconnected with Thom Hipke– a high school buddy of mine– and he asked me to join his cover band as the lead singer. We are currently known as Tom’s Garage Band, and you can see us at local parties and pizza parlors.

Shu Und Belt

Both my grandmothers were full-blooded German, which makes me half Deutsch. I always felt it was okay to lampoon one’s own heritage so I did not feel I was being offensive when I wrote ten skits about a snobby Beverly Hills boutique run by a fascist manager.

I came up with the original idea with my friend of forty-three years, Steven Lekowicz, while we were at the LA Auto show back in 2004. I pitched the scripts to my buddy Pete, and he agreed to shoot and edit the first four scripts as long as I could take a break and travel to Colorado. Steve and I flew to Colorado for a weekend to film the skits at Pete’s studio in Boulder during Saint Patrick’s Day weekend of 2006. It was the only time in my life that I died my hair.

Subsequent sketches dealt with the housing bubble of 2006, a depraved New Years Eve party for high end customers, the loss of Otto’s job, another music video, Otto’s Jewish heritage, and other topics that grew the characters in comedic ways and commented on contemporary issues.


Episode i: Shu Und Belt

The first in the series of shorts chronicling Otto's unique salesmanship at the Beverly Hills Shu Und Belt Fashion Outlet.

Episode ii: Pigboat

Otto is Joined at the SHU UND BELT by PIGBOAT, the fashion consultant. Otto uses tough love (which he enjoys a little too much) to train PIGBOAT in the finer points of fine German Leather sales techniques.

Episode iii: MOS

Otto and Pigboat are pleased to present the first new product out of the Motherland since the fall of the Third Reich, Classic Leather Mit Studs!

Episode iv: Mein Arnold

Otto daydreams about his idol, The Governator. Joined by Pigboat, the fashion consultant, the story of Otto's obsession with Arnold unfolds in a slightly bizarre spoof on Music Videos.

Life From the Inside

Life From the Inside & Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf

I met Robb Padget and Tanya Ihnen through my good friend Steven Lekowicz. These three make the production triumvirate known as Katyr Pictures. They write, produce, direct, shoot, edit, score, and promote several web series on YouTube. Over time I have donated my home and my car to act as set and prop. At times I have even been asked to fill in when actors are in short supply (there is no pay in these endeavors for anyone).  However, I’m happy to say all three have landed lucrative acting and crew gigs due to their web endeavors.


In Episode 8 from LIFE FROM THE INSIDE I play a Neo Amish disciple named Tim. Links to the episode and the gag reel are here:




In Episode 7– written by my friend Steven Rowley (author of Lilly and the Octopus–Simon and Schuster 2016, and model for the book covers of my God Head Trilogy), I loaned out my car for Robb’s nemesis to drive.

As time marched on, Robb, Tanya and Steve departed LFTI to create VAMPIRE, ZOMBIE WEREWOLF. They asked to use my home as the central location. My wife was out of town so I said yes. Since I was always on location, I landed a role as a vampire. Sort of like Ed Wood having to cast the daughter of his main financier for obvious reasons.

See more: http://vampirezombiewerewolf.com


In 2006 I was introduced to Robb Pagett and Tanya Ihnen through my good friend Steven Lekowicz. They formed a creative triumvirate that has been diligently releasing quality web series. In 2008 I was invited to act– I use this term loosely in respect to myself– in episode eight of “Life from the Inside.” Later they used my former house as their location for “Vampire Zombie Werewolf” where I appeared again as a deliveryman and vampire.

See more: http://vampirezombiewerewolf.com



In 2009 I was connected with Neill Watson through a mutual friend. Neill created AnimaNations, a world of animated shorts in the vein of the Simpsons. He already had a half dozen shorts on You Tube and was looking to create more. I collaborated with him as well as Anton Conlon and David Mirsky to create a few more shorts. During 2010, Neill wanted to shoot a teaser for an animated series. I contributed to the writing and the voice over work. Here is the result.



I notice most of the shorts have now been pulled down and the teaser is the only piece that remains for public viewing.

Home Movies

After watching Star Wars in the theater at the ripe young age of seven, I traded in my dreams of being a navy pilot and decided to be a film maker. I worked odd jobs around the house and mowed lawns for neighbors. After two years of saving, I had enough to buy a Super-8 camera for my twelfth birthday. Between the ages of twelve and nineteen, I wrote and directed eighty-four films. The average run time was ten minutes– the longest was forty-six minutes and the shortest was ten seconds. The plots covered all genres.


Between 1985 and 1987, I appeared on Channel 12, KBDI Broomfield Colorado– a public broadcasting station that had a three-hour Saturday night show titled: “Home Movies.” I had enough volume to take up the entire time slot on one occasion. Denver had two public broadcasting stations then, Channel 6 and Channel 12. Most high school students did not admit that they watched PBS, especially Channel 12, so it always came as a pleasant surprise when a student or teacher would approach me on Monday and say: “Hey, I saw your show last Saturday– nice job.”


The following is a link to a few films from this era that I posted on You Tube. I will post more over time, but some may never see the light of day due to a variety of personal reasons.

(I’d like to put an embed for each video plus a short synopsis)


Dig It

This story follows a stalker to his victim. A silly skit with a twist. The ending was improvised. Shot in Tempe Arizona on August 24, 1987.

Men's Freestyle Swimming

Stop Motion swimming on a king size bedspread. Another way to get the footage out of the camera in order to develop "In the Night." Shot on October 4, 1986, before "Some People Think I'm Strange.

Some People Think I'm Strange

Most of our Super-8 movies were created with in-camera editing. At the end of the film we'd have left over footage to expose so we could get the cartridge in for developing. This was always done with a quick improv. These particular sketches were at the tail of "In the Night." Shot October 4, 1986.


A comedy created by thirteen and eleven year olds. Shot in Super-8 on March 30 & 31, 1983 at the Lekowicz house in Arvada Colorado. Lot's of bathroom humor. Well, it made us laugh back then...

It's Only A Day Away

This is a schmaltzy-cliche story about a college freshman trying to find a girlfriend. Also a look at New York in the late 80s and NYU during that time. This was an extracurricular project shot around the NYU campus on Super-8 near the end of 1987.

The Villain

An homage to the early silent era of film. Another no-budget Super-8 high school project shot on May 1, 1986. Submitted in lieu of a social studies paper.

No Smoking

I submitted this PSA in lieu of a high school sophomore biology term paper. I shot it on Super-8 on January 16, 1985.


This claymation short was created in lieu of a term paper for my high school freshman earth science class. Shot on March 10, 1984, I received an "A" despite the spelling errors.

In the Night

A serial killer is stalked by his most recent victim. Another no-budget high school production shot on Super-8 in September of 1986.

The Mustang

Twilight-zone-ish adventures with a 1975 Mustang II. High school juniors filming a Super-8 narrative with no budget during December 1985.


Experimenting with animation around Christmas 1983 with a super-8 camera.

Rockin' Dentist

A dentist's office you may not want to visit. Shot with a Super-8 camera on May 14, 1987 with Hipke and Welch.

Centennial Drive

Time-lapse drive through Englewood (now Centennial) Colorado with Flory driving a VW bug. Shot on Super-8 January 1985, when we were high school sophomores.

A Man Who Eats Cheese

A fascinating look at how cheese can be eaten. Shot on Super-8 in Colorado with Lekowicz. October 18,1986.


1980s high school antics with Hipke, Lekowicz, and Welch. Shot on Super-8 in Englewood (now Centennial) Colorado, May 26,1986.

SAW Uncut Edition DVD


I had my sixty seconds of fame on the second disc of this DVD release as Detective Willis in the special feature: Full Disclosure Report: Piecing Together Jigsaw. I thank Mark Atkinson and Kelly Pancho for inviting me to participate. I reprised my role for the SAW II release, but sadly wound up on the cutting room floor. Ironically, I have an IMDB credit for SAW II, not the first SAW.  And no, I don’t consider myself an actor, but I do have fun in front of the camera.

The Scott Tibbs Documentary

Saw – Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Saw II – Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition)

X-Files Season Five


I oversaw the special features department at Twentieth Century Fox between January 1999 and March 2009. During that time I had the privilege of working with talent in front of and behind the camera, as well as an amazingly supportive team above and below. I contributed to all the DVD releases of the X-Files and on Season 5 I was asked by the folks at Ten-Thirteen to be an FBI agent for the DVD-Rom game Earthbound. All this entailed was donating a passport photo and signing a release form. No acting or writing was involved.

THE X-Files Season 5 Disc 6 Replacement Disc Bonus Features