Dreams, Faith & Ammunition


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Dreams, Faith & Ammunition is an experimental fiction book blending memoir, historical fiction and adventure.

This is a story about two men, born one-hundred-and-fifty years apart, who share a common yearning for hope, salvation, and a better future on an island in Lake Michigan. The story alternates between contemporary events and parallel accounts from the mid-nineteenth century. This is a tale of internal anguish and murderous rage; a struggle to fend off debilitating despair; a clash of bitterly opposed faith systems.

The modern setting is autobiographical. In it, I pin my hopes of overcoming suicidal tendencies on selling a movie script in Hollywood. After a porn company converts my horror-comedy screenplay into a straight-to-video disaster, I decide to “pull a Thoreau” and escape to Beaver Island, Michigan, thinking I can hoist myself out of depression by writing the Great American Novel.

I soon realize that the island’s inhabitants are reminiscent of characters from Northern Exposure and The Milagro Beanfield War. One islander I meet, a polygamist, allows me to read his ancestor’s private journal, which documents a plan to carve a Mormon nation out of the Great Lakes region. The attempt fails when the group’s leader is assassinated under the watch of a U.S. warship and a host of Marines. As fate would have it, I face my own mortality when I find myself staring down the barrel of a gun with my thumb on the trigger. Ultimately, I find redemption, but only after battling countless personal demons in order to reignite my passion for life.

Dreams, Faith & Ammunition is my account of true events with overtones of All Creatures Great and Small, Into the Wild, and Under the Banner of Heaven. The structure is along the lines of Everything is Illuminated.


Beverly Clark - Amazon

The author is astute, the writing is good and the story- well I highly recommend you read it.
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Shaniqua Harris - Hub Pages

I recommend this book to anyone who has been or wants to be a writer. I also recommend this book to anyone who is or knows someone who is depressed and/or thinking about suicide.

Michael Atkins PhD

If not fiction, Davison has bared his innermost being and torment with rare and admirable courage while leaving us with some valuable insights. Either way, the story pulls the reader along to a sunrise conclusion. The dark tunnel opens to a light at the end.
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By the end of 1996, I found myself at the tail end of a rocky relationship, and turning down promotions so I could have time to write. I had sold a screenplay in 1993 and was convinced that I was worthy of selling more. Was I delusional or did I have talent? A question every writer asks and only time would tell. I had gone through two agents representing four screenplays I had written, and I had one, Blockbuster, that I believed in. I was also suicidal and in need of validation, a theme that has haunted me my entire life.  With my mind locked in a manic depressive state, I decided to double down on my writing, I quit my job at Paramount Pictures and moved out to Beaver Island, Michigan to turn Blockbuster into a novel. Dreams, Faith & Ammunition faithfully documents the real life Northern Exposure world I was immersed in, as well as my battle with depression. It also documents the Island’s Mormon history during the nineteenth century, based on quite a bit of research I conducted after leaving that period of my life behind.

Although published after State of Mind, this is my second novel. Due to the subject matter I left it on the shelf for a while, feeling insecure about exposing this aspect of my personality.

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