7 in 7

A Globe-Hopping Memoir of Disaster and Discovery.

Is a travel memoir about my adventures as a soul-searching workaholic who set a goal to experience all seven continents in seven years as a true anthropologist, not just a travel-merit badge winner.  Through those years I stumbled into and out of relationships, contracted pulmonary edema in Peru, and summited Shackleton’s peak on South Georgia Island. I learned why the Irish value a good craic while Scandinavians cherish lagom, witnessed the difficult truths of life in a Moroccan orphanage, and ultimately met my wife. Along the way I had plenty of time to contemplate the different ways people pursue happiness– or, sometimes the reasons they don’t. While I didn’t end up chucking my day job to be a forklift driver on the White Continent, my journeys did result in me leaving my career, selling my house, and living the life less traveled with my wife and son.

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State of Being

State of Being is the third book in my God Head Trilogy.

Through the viral form of The Chip, The Consortium has solidified their rein over the earth. Freedom’s last hope lies with the free colonies on the moon, Artificial Intelligence, and the will power of Jake Travissi. But another AI is born from the minds who would control us, and he has no interest in the weakness of flesh.

Finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for 2013.

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State of Union

State of Union is the second book in my God Head Trilogy.

After running for five years, Jake Travissi returns to civilization to find that a recent nano-virus epidemic has killed millions worldwide. Implanting a Personal Chip into the brain is the only cure. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Jake has been asked to kill his former LAPD colleague Joaquin Parks. Parks is now the head of a church accused of nuclear terrorist acts around the world. Meanwhile, the dawn of Artificial Intelligence and the promise of immortality could be just around the corner…

Gold Winner of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for 2012.

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State of Mind

State of Mind is the first book of my God Head Trilogy.

Dealing with the grim side of Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity prognostication. State of Mind sets the stage during a time when the Personal Chip is tested on military and civil volunteers. The Chip is a smartphone, bio-regulator, educator, and knowledge expander implanted directly into a subject’s brain. With a population that can ingest anything they want with no consequences, enjoy virtual telepathic communication, and access an endless database, what’s not to like? The pressure is on for an FDA approval. The small consequence of implanting The Chip is a window for hackers to take a subject off line, use their bodies to commit crimes, then cover up the act with false memories.

Winner of two global ebook awards.

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Dreams, Faith & Ammunition

An experimental fiction book blending memoir, historical fiction and adventure.

Two men, three timelines, one location; “Dreams, Faith & Ammunition” is an experimental fiction novel about seeking the Promised Land. In the nineteenth century, one man seeks it literally, first by following Joseph Smith, and then James Strang in order to build a Kingdom of God on earth. In the twentieth century, another man envisions the Promised Land as the rewards and lifestyle he will achieve once he finishes his great American novel.

Both men move to Beaver Island, Michigan to fulfill their ideals. Both men face unforeseen obstacles and must overcome personal demons in their journey of faith and suicidal depression.

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If a bulletproof action hero were to exist in the real world, would he throw a fit about not fitting in? If a born loser who couldn’t break into Hollywood found a new sense of purpose by joining a terrorist group, would he still be a wannabe filmmaker? Now suppose L.A.’s Chief of Police was suffering from a brain tumor during a surprise attack and the FBI agent on the scene practiced medieval medicine. What would happen if you placed all these characters in a hostage situation at a major film studio and tossed in some A-list movie stars as captives?

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