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If a bulletproof action hero were to exist in the real world, would he throw a fit about not fitting in? If a born loser who couldn’t break into Hollywood found a new sense of purpose by joining a terrorist group, would he still be a wannabe filmmaker? Now suppose L.A.’s Chief of Police was suffering from a brain tumor during a surprise attack and the FBI agent on the scene practiced medieval medicine. What would happen if you placed all these characters in a hostage situation at a major film studio and tossed in some A-list movie stars as captives? 

Before the Department of Homeland Security measured threat levels in America, back when we could fly without stripping down in airport security lines, terror struck the heart of Tinseltown. Blockbuster satirizes the motion picture industry and the marketing juggernauts it churns out at a breakneck pace. Some of it is true; most of it is funny; all of it is profoundly illuminating.

Horace Thimble (aka Mohammad) has invaded Mogul Pictures and is holding their top actors—as well as the studio’s upcoming summer releases—hostage. But his foolproof plan doesn’t take into account special effects wizard Dexter Brubeck’s lucky talent for survival. Although Horace has the LAPD, FBI and the entire nation on its knees, it’s the insurgent team of Dexter and his ex-girlfriend Heather who become the real threat to the terrorist’s plans. Get the picture? You will…when you get the book.


Guido Henkel - author of The Jason Dark Series

Every once in a while I pick up a book and as I start reading it, it turns into this revelatory, almost overwhelming, experience. Does this happen to you, too, sometimes? You start reading and as you make your way through the book you go “How come I had never heard of this book before?” or “Why is not everyone talking about this book?” or something down the lines of “It is a shame this book is so overlooked, because it should be a best seller.” Well, guess what? It just happened to me again and the book in question is Blockbuster by Sven Michael Davison.
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Diana L - Amazon top reviewer

The author often neatly under the surface takes little jabs that are hysterically funny. He pokes fun at Hollywood – piece by piece. The lifestyle, the people, the alleged glamour, the mystery, the desire to make it big and be “someone”- watch for these throughout this read and I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.
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T. Coker

"Blockbuster" is the kind of novel that is equal parts hilarious and oddly insightful; mixing together comedy, action, drama and suspense to create a witty and satirical novel that pokes fun at the movie industry in a riotous way.
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Amazon Review

My husband caught me laughing out loud quite a few times while I was reading this book. I highly recommend it if you are in the mood for a great story and a book that will make you chuckle. A+ Amazon Review
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This is my first novel. I originally wrote the idea as a screenplay back in 1992, just after I finished my horror script, Ice Cream Man. It was based on 80’s and 90’s action films, an homage to Point Break, Terminator 2, and Die Hard. After having it optioned twice, but never produced, I decided to convert it into a novel. In all honesty, this book needs editing, and I do not believe it reflects my current abilities as an author. However, if you’re interested in an early snapshot of a writer in training, this book is for you. That is, unless I carve it down someday… but I have so many more books I want to write.

If you pick up my experimental fiction novel Dreams, Faith & Ammunition, you’ll get a very detailed account of what I went through while writing this book.

Mike Vosburg created the original dust jacket. Mike is an artist who worked on Spawn, and several marvel comics. There are only 450 original copies in existence, the rest were pulped. The second cover was created by Derek Abrenica in 2011. I loved the Vosburg cover, but I had a lot of people tell me they thought my book was a graphic novel, not a satire on Hollywood and action films, so I decided to change it to a concept I had shortly after finishing the book in 1997.

Photo of 1998 cover

cover 1998

Photo of 2011 cover

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