2013: State of Being

Foreword Reviews’ 2013 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist


2012: State of Union

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Foreword Reviews’ 2012 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Winner


2011: State of Mind

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Winner of two Global eBook Awards

Book of the Month and Stand Out Novels


State Of Being

Joseph Thompson - Foreword Magazine

“Wrapping up the God Head Trilogy, the standout science fiction series of the decade…” Read more..

Antony Jones -

“A powerful novel in a first-rate series complete with a satisfying conclusion and plenty to think about.” Read more..

Kirkus reviews

“A story that began as a cyberpunk police thriller has, across three volumes, zoomed out to become a mind blower of Olaf Stapledon–esque dimensions… A high-density wrap-up of a diverting cyber-sci-fi trilogy.”

State Of Union

Joseph Thompson - ForeWord Reviews

"One of the best cyberpunk novels of the millennium." Read more..

Antony Jones -

“Science Fiction as it should be.” Read more..

Daniel Kucan - author of the Full Contact series and star of A&E’s Sell This House Extreme

State of Union is like getting smashed in the face with a circuit board. It’s as paranoid as Philip K. Dick, but has the same tech head smarts as Neill Stephenson. This ferocious follow-up to State of Mind is faster, and easier to sink your teeth into.”

State Of Mind

Kirkus Reviews

A thoughtfully composed piece of cyberpunk that will please readers of both science fiction and noir.

Alice Bola - “Girls Just Reading”

There are some crazy twists and turns in this novel and the ending? One word… WOW. It totally blew me away. There are plenty of shocking, hanging on the edge of my seat moments.
Read more..

Claire Rudy Foster - ForWord Reviews

Davison’s Los Angeles is a pulpy-vibrant unforgettable wasteland. State of Mind is the world of the near future, the horrible synthesis of human desire and the technology to make it a reality.
Read more..

Wenj - Black Lagoon Reviews

Brutally realistic, chillingly plausible, this novel is manages to be both thought evoking and highly entertaining. A must read!
Read more..

Sally Bennett - author of “Homegrown Muse”

This is a fast read, well edited and scarily realistic at times. Sally Bennett, author of “Homegrown Muse”.
Read more..

Glenda Bixler, Anchor - Allvoices & Book Reader’s Heaven

Davison has given us a thrilling expose of what could happen, especially when that technology is controlled by the big brother of today, Homeland Security. As a friend of mine says, Great Stuff! Scifi lovers--it's out in March! Order now!
Read more..

Jennifer Shaw - Book Noise

Sven has told a brilliantly descriptive tale that I will not soon forget. I find myself looking forward to what he has up his sleeve in regards to future works.

Marty Dodge - Seattle PI

It’s a clever and pacey affair that never gets bogged down in nuance… It neatly covers the line between edgy enough for the cyberpunk fan and readable enough for the mere fiction fan.
Read more..

Bill Hunt - Editor The Digital

A great read! A classic near-future techno-thriller, with layers of intrigue, interesting twists and just a dash of pulp mixed in for good measure. Sven Davison's State of Mind is an engrossing journey through a well-considered and completely plausible world.

Leonid Korogodski - author of Pink Noise

State of Mind is an action-filled, engrossing journey across the tortuous emotional landscape of mind control, where nothing is quite what it seems—for everyone involved. A must-read for Pin Heads and God Heads alike—and for the casual observers.

Antony Jones -

An intelligent, thought provoking, cinematic post-cyberpunk thriller and a great read.
Read more..

Angela Kay - Editor at Soap Box in My Mind

I enjoyed this book. It was fast paced and interesting, and well written. The plot was well thought out and the technology was shown in a plausible way.
Read more..

Charles de Lauzirika - director of Crave and Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner

State of Mind is an action-packed cyber-thriller that transports us to a futuristic dystopia where the most dangerous battlefield is the human mind.  Fans of Philip K. Dick and William Gibson will find much to enjoy -- and fear -- in the dark and mysterious world Sven Davison has so effectively created.

Steve Moore - physicist and author of The Midas Bomb

With State of Mind, Mr. Davison has written a bloody and mind-blowing tour de force, both literally and figuratively. It is both entertaining and thought-provoking but definitely not for the faint of heart.

Max Nightjar - Write Stuff- Write Now

The bumps in the road are what young and old, male and female will enjoy the most about this exciting book. It puts you in that kind of State Of Mind.
Read more..

Christa Seely - More than just Magic

Though a long time science fiction fan, this is really one of my first experiences in the cyberpunk genre and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are quite of few turns and surprises.
Read more..

Deb Shunamon - Reader Views

This book deserves to go directly to the “Top Ten Best Sellers List.” There is not a single thing wrong with this novel, in my opinion.

Grace Snoke - Romancing the Page

It (State Of Mind) is told with a flair that makes you feel for the protagonist, makes you hate the antagonist with a passion and makes you think twice about letting the government be in complete control of your life.

C.A. Webb Conversations Live Radio

This one is a winner and already a contender in my mind as one of the best books of 2011. You just can’t go wrong with State Of Mind.

Nicholas Yanes -

This novel brilliantly reinvents the classic murder mystery/thriller.
Read more..


Guido Henkel - author of The Jason Dark Series

Every once in a while I pick up a book and as I start reading it, it turns into this revelatory, almost overwhelming, experience. Does this happen to you, too, sometimes? You start reading and as you make your way through the book you go “How come I had never heard of this book before?” or “Why is not everyone talking about this book?” or something down the lines of “It is a shame this book is so overlooked, because it should be a best seller.” Well, guess what? It just happened to me again and the book in question is Blockbuster by Sven Michael Davison.
Read more..

Diana L - Amazon top reviewer

The author often neatly under the surface takes little jabs that are hysterically funny. He pokes fun at Hollywood – piece by piece. The lifestyle, the people, the alleged glamour, the mystery, the desire to make it big and be “someone”- watch for these throughout this read and I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.
Read more..

T. Coker

"Blockbuster" is the kind of novel that is equal parts hilarious and oddly insightful; mixing together comedy, action, drama and suspense to create a witty and satirical novel that pokes fun at the movie industry in a riotous way.
Read more..

Amazon Review

My husband caught me laughing out loud quite a few times while I was reading this book. I highly recommend it if you are in the mood for a great story and a book that will make you chuckle. A+ Amazon Review
Read more..

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  • State Of Being

    - Book Three of the God Head Trilogy
  • State Of Union

    - Book Two of the God Head Trilogy
  • State Of Mind

    - Book One of the God Head Trilogy
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Foreword Magazine interviews Sven Michael Davison

Question: What are you working on next?

I'm working on a novel about my two grandfathers who were born the same year and both fought as marines in the Pacific Theater during World War II. They lived through the Great Depression but had very different approaches to life and how they fought in the war. I extensively interviewed them both before they passed away, but now I've got a lot of research to do to make the novel authentic..
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Attention Deficit Delirium Podcast

I wanted to show what type of personality has the indomitable human spirit that, no matter how much you try to crush it, that true spirit comes out.
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Jeanz Book Read N Review

Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?
When I was three I wanted to command the USS Enterprise and date Vulcans. As I got a little older I switched to astronaut and then Navy pilot..
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Question: State Of Mind, a P chip at the base of the skull. Tell me Sven, what creative seeds were sown to come up with this story, and over what period of time? Also, what kind of research?
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Now that we are on the subject of future technology, what was the inspiration behind State of Mind? In particular, what caused you to imagine the P-Chips?
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Sven Michael Davison is the author of the exceptional post-cyberpunk thriller State of Mind, I was lucky enough to be granted an interview as part of his Blog tour celebrating the release of the novel.. Read more.. on ebook piracy

Yesterday I interviewed Sven Michael Davison about his new Dystopian vision "State of Mind" and during the interview I realised that he was in an almost unique position of being involved in ..
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SF Signal

Sven Michael Davison on The Inspiration for ‘State of Mind’ and Related Events.. Read more..

SOM mentions

We love Sven's title, in part because. It is a great use of a book title strategy we use and recommend often. Sven does a great job with it..
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SOM mentions

In other news, I wanted to recommend a new book to you. Our friend Sven Davison (who used to work in DVD production at 20th Century Fox) has written a science-fiction novel called State of Mind..
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