State Of Mind was published on March 15, 2011. I had many marketing and publicity ideas and one of them was to post weekly fictitious blog entries from the world of the God Head Trilogy. I wrote sixteen exhibits from Homeland Security’s files detailing e-mail exchanges between the hackers Paul Ducey and Cameron Green. Both are prominent characters in books one and minor characters in book three that are responsible for domestic terrorism. I posted the first entry on December 5, 2010. The dates on the fictitious Homeland Security posts are identical to the dates I posted, except for the year. Due to my own personal resistance to social media, I did not draw any traffic to this blog.

In addition to these posts from the land of the story, I made author postings roughly twice a month after State of Mind’s release. In 2012 my blog was hacked and I was unable to access it again. These fake blogs are archived for my own purposes and for anyone who might be curious.

Post 1

December 5, 2030 From: The Office of Homeland Security The Following communication was discovered on the storage drive of hacker Cameron Greene during his arrest on June 30, 2030. This document ties Greene (aka Smith6589 aka GreenerPastures) to the 2028 […]

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