About the author

In addition to the books represented on this website, my repertoire includes a produced screenplay, which I co-wrote with David Dobkin (Shanghai Knights and The Wedding Crashers) titled The Ice Cream Man staring Clint Howard, Jan Michel Vincent and Olivia Hussy. During this time I worked for Paramount Pictures in their theatrical EPK group. One of my duties was writing trailer copy for films such as Beavis and Butthead Do America, The Ghost and the Darkness and The Relic.

In 1999, I launched the DVD Production and Content Group for Twentieth Century Fox. I then spent ten years managing the department where he was responsible for all special features on DVD, Blu-ray and UMD media. I played an integral role in Fox’s contribution to the BD spec, and was part of vetting all home entertainment platform initiatives. If you’ve watched a film or TV show released by Fox on these formats, you’ve seen my work. After leaving Fox I wrote 3D behind-the-scenes shorts for James Cameron’s Avatar and contributed to the world of UK based Animanations as I worked on new novels and consulted for the entertainment industry regarding delivery platforms and mobile apps.

In 2009 I worked for TellX, an interactive broadcast, internet and package media platform. I then went on to manage content and menus at 1K Studios, a boutique agency in Los Angeles before joining Sony to oversee app development and package media programming at DADC. I’m a graduate of NYU film school with a BFA in film production.

I have traveled the world, flown an airplane, been certified as an advance diver, had many stranger than fiction experiences, am happily married and I’m the father of a wonderful son.

Now you’ve had a glimpse at the day job, the night job, and a dash of the personal, you can get an idea of what I am. For an understanding of who I am, please read my books. If this were a resume for the day job, I’d de-emphasize my writing and focus on management and initiative planning, but this is about the writing. As of 2016, I’ve written fourteen screenplays, nine novels, dozens of short stories, and have outlines for fourteen more books. My dream is to make writing my day job, but until that happens, I don’t plan to sleep much.