Post 6

January 16, 2031

From: The Office of Homeland Security

The Following communication was discovered on the storage drive of hacker Cameron Greene.

Due to a variety of highly advanced encryption methods employed on this material, and the fact that 98% of Mr. Greene’s storage drive was wiped clean, batches will be posted on a weekly basis based on our ability to fully restore each coded string.


From: Greener Pastures
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2028 11:23 PM
To: GooseDuce
Subject: Nutters

Just finished corresponding with those Jihad Brotherhood jackasses. If they only knew I was watching Hentai naked while I wrote about wahy, injil, nabi and rasul: revelations, gospel, prophets, and messengers. I’m sure my Qur’an quotes are a bit off, but these nutters don’t care. They’re just chomping at the bit to kill somebody outside of their faith. I really didn’t do all that much other than making good on some trust exercises and promise them light security on the 21st. They made the big play and are carrying the ball down the field all on their own.

You take a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist– what have you, add FUNDAMENTALIST as an adjective to describe their faith, and you have one narrow-minded-hateful bigot on your hands. Fundamentalism is the root of all evil, Brother Nobel.

I hope a few of these freaks suffer collateral on the 21st. Unfortunately, only one Jihad Brotherhood twit is going to get hit while the rest watch the violence on holo-vision.

From: GooseDuce
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2028 11:30 PM
To: Greener Pastures
Subject: Re: Nutters

Nice to see you passionate about something outside of money. Since when did you get a conscience?

From: Greener Pastures
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2028 11:32 PM
To: GooseDuce
Subject: Re: Re; Nutters

Hold on there my impish little friend. Don’t accuse me on having a conscience. That’s a low blow. I’m just making an observation as a Lord over insects. I don’t care what people do to each other ass long as I make money. Hell, I think it’s great we get to fan flames. We’ve got the best job on the earth, Duce. We push buttons from our living rooms and let idiots take the heat. No to mention we get to rub elbows with some pretty big players on both sides of the law. We’re in the sweet spot.

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